Ordo ab Chao – Nation building and the NWO

For those of us who live and work in the alternative media, the world appears fairly simple and straightforward. The Federal Reserve owns the country, JFK was not killed by a lone assassin, 9-11 didn’t happen as we were told and the Illuminati is bringing a New World Order; sometime in the near future.

We all know the information, the dates and players but do we really? I was doing some research about the Real Id program, you know the one where we will have Bio-metric ID cards to do just about anything in society, and something occurred to me. I already carry one of those by way of the drivers license. I say the drivers license because it belongs to the state and I am not that STRAW-MAN on the plastic card, but that is an issue for another time.

Shortly after 2005, when the Real Id act was passed, my state began working on implementation. There was no review of the state’s Constitution, no comment from the public and very little media coverage of the changes. In 2010 I lost my wallet and needed to re-up my identity to the database, less I should be on the hook for whomever found the documents. When I went to the DMV it was the beginning of winter and a very cold day. I wore my coat into the building and patiently waited. Once I explained my situation I was ushered to the corner for another photograph, just so my nearly middle aged face could match the card and I would be ‘allowed’ to purchase a beer.

The photographer/license clerk instructed me to remove my coat for the picture. When I inquired why and stated my objection to her request, I was told it was the only way to get the license. Less than happy, I complied but looking back it was only because I hadn’t remained clear headed enough to put together what was happening at that moment. Right after the picture I was asked to place my index finger on the red light. I was about to inquire when the mean faced clerk gave me a look of inquisition. Still upset from the picture incident I put my finger on the red light and moved on. I got a piece of paper and was assured the license would be in the mail. Having learned more about the process and lawful rights, today the situation would have happened much differently on my end.

Keep this story in mind. On nation building we have been told it is the natural outcome of military intervention and something that may or may not be a good idea. There are billion dollar contract, much work to be done and mostly it’s done in the name of Democracy. If we look a little deeper into the process and outcomes we have seen from nation building, it is not proceeding as or accomplishing what we are told. If a people or geography didn’t have a nation, building one might be a good idea (definition borrowed from Webster – a community of people composed of one or more nationalities and possessing a more or less defined territory and government). What is clear here, the definition of nation makes it impossible to conduct nation building from the outside. There is one process that can explain what has been happening in the lands our armies have invaded and that would be nation rebuilding.

The people who make the big decisions choose their words wisely. Would we ever go for nation rebuilding to the tune of Trillions of dollars on foreign soil? We might but if we knew they were going to rebuild it in their belief of how things should be would we participate? Would it matter?

A short while ago while listening to some back footage of the current president, I heard him say, “It’s time to do some nation building here at home.” and a chill ran up my spine. These ideas about nation building had been rattling around in my head for a few weeks and it congealed at that moment. Since we already have a nation, what kind of nation building could they be speaking of? Since the president is the spokesperson for the true owners of the country, what were they trying to say? It appears, from seeing the results in Iraq, the idea of nation building in America is terrifying.

Firstly they divide the people along the strongest belief lines. In Iraq it was religion, what will it be here at home? Next as the chaos of the division takes root and people act in ways they wouldn’t without the imposed division, the slow creep of the New Nation begins. In Iraq this included the introduction of “Western” companies, industries and products, what will it be here? Thirdly as the people grow weary of the division, the new systems of society, values and institutions are imposed – which of these things can we see in America today? If the people don’t accept the changes and stay in step two, they go back to step one and simply begin again. This can be seen in Iraq, Libya, Syria ect…

In America our politics, race and economic realities are our biggest dividing lines. With the introduction of ideas, values or laws that further divide along the aforementioned lines can anyone see where this is headed? We have new definitions of marriage and controls over those that serve the industry of marriage in new ways (see Jack Phillips of the Masterpiece Cake Shop). We have massive protests regarding authorities using heavy handed and disastrous tactics of policing which seems to be targeted at a specific race. Also we have a confessed Socialist making strong headway into an election season in a country based on free market principles. As a side not I understand we are far away from the true free market but most still believe we function in the free market, so it is an idea that can be splintered. Looking at things from this perspective, it is challenging to see what else is going to divide our nation as we near the end of stage one.

Make no mistake, America as a Republic has been targeted for takeover and is severely wounded. It is important for humanity to maintain our Republic as it is one of the few vestiges of liberty left for mankind.

Yes it started in the 1860’s and has continued in fits and starts from then but please question just how far along the takeover process has advanced. The current president told us what was going to happen, albeit subtly, when he promised to “fundamentally change” this country. The efforts of change are in progress and the next time you go to renew your license, pay close attention to the process they are causing you to take part in. It may be your ticket to their data base and one more step away from your individual liberty.


My conclusion: We are an enormous nation with many people and any physical takeover would only be possible after economic or societal collapse. The other side, for lack of a better term, has taken nearly one hundred and fifty years to break our original ties to our founding documents and the divinely inspired values which started this country. If we return to our Creator, our founding values and our law of the land, we can make it back out of this growing tyranny. There may be a battle but the battle for liberty is a natural part of life. Supplant the word liberty with the word survival and you will see what I see. The body, mind and soul need Liberty to fully express the divinity built into us by God.



Republic First – sample

Here is Chapter One of Republic First.  All feedback is appreciated and you can find the complete book on Nook by Barnes and Noble


The crack of gunfire sent a shiver down his spine. Alex knew the sound from before. It wasn’t the pop of a small caliber pistol or the bang that came from a gun like his forty five. This distinct crack came from a forty caliber semi automatic. That sound meant the Feds.

The new moon was his friend now and apparently his only friend since he didn’t see any real cover close. The small out cropping of Aspen trees ahead would have to do until Alex found his bearings. He crawled on his elbows and knees the twenty or so yards until he reached the treeline. The ground was damp underneath him and the air in the middle of the night was cool. As Alex steadied himself against the largest tree he could find in the black night, he noticed the ground was not littered with leaves. He knew it was not yet late fall. He hadn’t been detained as long as he’d thought but couldn’t be sure since whatever drug cocktail they administered left his head fuzzy. His evasion and escape training demanded a certain protocol and as soon as he could catch his breath he would begin his own extraction.

Firstly, an assessment of his situation was required and then execution of the escape plan. He searched his extremities for damage and his torso for holes. He was now sure they were part of the government since each of the ten or eleven shots missed him. Or was it twelve shots he heard? Alex recriminated himself for not counting more accurately but quickly put that behind since he had been drugged the days before. He wondered how many days had he been held captive.

He wasn’t suffering from any serious damage but was fairly certain his right shoulder was slightly dislocated and he may have cracked a couple of ribs when he launched himself out the window and landed on the slope below. The pain from pushing on his right side did indicate some damage to his ribcage but nothing felt out of place and he wasn’t bleeding. The situation was looking up. He thought for a moment about pressing his shoulder against the tree trunk hoping to pop it back into the lonely socket, but remembered he had only seen that done in the movies.

Having no tools, none of his gear or supplies – the shoulder would have to take care of itself for the time being. As he thought about the situation he was thankful they had left his boots on during the interrogation.

He knew the clock was ticking and he couldn’t waste time with distractions like being injured. He had to clear his head and move out. With his left hand he grabbed his right arm and slowly lifted upward. The pain sensors in his shoulder started screaming until the little white lights in his mind lit up. He hoped it would clear his brain and allow better focus. After a couple of seconds of searing pain he let go and in fact did feel more alert. He quickly scanned the sky searching for something, anything that would tell him where he was. He found the Pleiades and hoped he remembered where it should be for an approximate time of year in an unknown place. Between the Aspen trees, cool night air and the sisters in the sky he thought he knew what direction he should be moving. Moving away from the barn was his first goal but knowing what direction he was heading seemed important at the time.

He scanned the area as with as much clarity as his eyes would allow. Slowly they were adjusting to the darkness even though moments before they had been subjected to the brightness of the halogen lights they aimed at his face. His mind quickly flashed to the recent memory of his captors mistake.

For the first time since he’d been their guest, the youngest of the group released his hand from the plastic zip strap so he could eat the bologna sandwich. He wondered if it was because the kid didn’t want to feed him by hand like the other guy had or if it was simply a laps in judgment. Neither reason mattered since it was all he needed. With a flash of rage Alex had folded his fingers into a fist and thrust it towards the young man’s face the moment he’d cut the plastic tie. The blow landed unfortunately lower than he had intended, squarely on the kids throat.

His brown eyes bulged from their sockets just as Alex’s fist landed. As the captor began to fall backward, clutching his throat and gasping for breath, Alex swiped the knife from the man’s belt and cut himself free. As he got to his feet the room spun making it difficult to facilitate his exit. Had he been more clear he would have grabbed whatever weapons and supplies were available but simply finding the small window was as much as he could do at the time. Something inside of him, often called instinct, caused his legs to push towards the window. His teeth clenched and his muscles tensed as he flung his body through the glass and into the night.

His eyes adjusted and he began to see the outline of the mountain range in the distance. On further inspection, realized the hills surrounded him. He was in a valley with the closest mountains behind the barn he just escaped. The trek towards safety would be the longest path but there didn’t seem another choice. Once his vision adjusted to the night, he noticed that his ears had also regained their ability and he heard the shouting. The voices were muffled by the building but he knew they would be coming. Alex pushed off the tree to stand and felt the bite in his leg. He knew a snake could make his leg feel like that but also knew they were sleeping or even hibernating. As he reached for the pain in his leg he realized he had missed something on his first assessment. The shard of the window sticking out of his calf would bleed when removed and that would leave a trail. Alex quickly shed his boots and socks and put his bare feet back into the boots. Tying the two socks together he made a bandage and tied it just below the glass underneath his pant leg. With a teeth grinding yank the glass came free releasing a squirt of blood just before he pushed the bandage over the wound. He brushed the loose dirt around the area where he thought the blood must have fallen and began to move from the area. There would have to be time later to clean and dress the cut properly but for now he had to get going.