All Roads Lead To This, Maybe…

The other day I was asked how the President thinks he can do what he wants even if it is unconstitutional. Understanding the fact that most people in the nation don’t fully understand our current system, I took the time to explain.

In the latter part of 1863, an illegal amendment to The Constitution of The United States took force in the minds of the federal government. This amendment was not signed by the president (who consequently was impeached after his refusal to sign the executive order which put it in play) instead it was signed by the Secretary of State at the time. There is nothing lawful about the implementation of said amendment and can be quickly verified @ This set the stage for many of the unlawful acts perpetrated on the American public including but not limited to income tax, driver’s licenses, the central banking system, a multitude of wars and just about anything that has to do with an alphabet agency of the fed-co govt.

Fast forward to President F.D.R. and his declaration of a state of emergency shortly before we were guided into World War II. Once the Congress didn’t review the state of emergency it became perpetual and used by the office of president many times since. In short, these emergency powers circumvent the lawful Constitution in the minds of the government. Most citizens believe the Constitution is the supreme law of the land but under an executive state of emergency, this is not the truth. This also is verifiable with a single click here

Consider these facts when we look at the events of Ferguson, MO and now New York city. Citizens are being force fed news items of a sensational nature, which in fact happen every day, but the racial slant pushed by media has led to violence and destruction. Make no mistake – this is not an organic series of events. Media has manipulated the minds of the viewer through Madison Avenue marketing techniques for decades and we are seeing this happen again. The question becomes, for what reason would TPTB wish to incite racially motivated unrest in the country? With any journey, if you know the destination it is much easier to forge the path.

On December 24th of this year, a potentially devastating treaty will take legal effect, at least legal by the standards of the UN. Specifically The Arms Trade Treaty will be implemented world wide. If you take a moment to read this page, you will see exactly what is supposed to happen  On that page you can click the number 54 of “States” that have ratified the treaty and you will find the list – yes we are on that list. As a side note, notice how the UN considers our sovereign nation simply a member State. It should be coming clear why the government rarely follows The Constitution.

If we take the current events which are causing racial civil unrest and the destination of implementation of an arms treaty that can require the government to disarm the populations of their respective countries, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to connect the events. If a government knew its citizens would not want to disarm but had to achieve that goal anyway, can you imagine a better way than to invoke martial law started by race riots? Under emergency powers acts which we have seen are in contradiction of The Constitution they would believe they are in legal compliance to disarm the public. Granted the states who ratified the treaty have a year before they report back to their masters at the UN, if you couple this with a collapsing federal reserve note, oil crashing, a student debt bubble growing and very few engines of economic growth running in the country – don’t be surprised if events deteriorate quickly and seemingly with out notice.

Also as a side note, be weary of national politicians that shout about the constitution. They know full well we are under emergency powers since they vote to renew it when ever asked and never review it as required by law. They are lying just like the rest of the government. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause, only don’t expect presents this Christmas.


3 thoughts on “All Roads Lead To This, Maybe…

  1. It’s coming people, if you think this country is free you’re high or crazy. Registration is coming then confiscation, of course. The only question is whether or not WTP let it happen, make no mistake, there are enough of 3% out there but It won’t be easy or pretty. I believe whatever does happen it’s going to be fairly soon. Locked ,cocked and ready to rock.

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